Healthy Conflict Training & Coaching

What is your plan to increase business innovation and leadership engagement?

Learn how to pivot from harmful emotional conflict to powerfully harness healthy beneficial conflict dialogue that can increase your innovation capacity while building a productive, collaborative and engaging work environment.

  • Successful On-Boarding and Professional Development to Strengthen Individual and Team Trust, Engagement and Accountability
  • Discover Your “Secret Sauce” to success…Healthy Conflict Communication Skills That Shift Different Perspectives Into Idea Generating Dialogue to Energize Your Talent and Increase Innovation
  • Build Individual and Team Confidence, Initiative and Flexible Thinking to Effectively Achieve Intended Business Results
  • Establish Effective Business Practices That cultivate an Engaging, Safe and Purposeful Workplace Environment

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What is Your Plan to Collaborate and Create Opportunities for Purposeful Quality of Life and Learning Transitions

  • Parents, Guardians, Grandparents and Schools collaborate productively to create realistic meaningful Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for Remarkable Student Outcomes
  • Multi-generation quality of life and care planning to fulfill goals and dreams
  • Reduce stress and worry with flexible thinking, calming emotions and choosing collaborative options to achieve goals
  • Save time and money while strengthening relationships for mutual satisfaction

What’s Your Plan to Expand Your Professional Coaching, Third Party Neutral Mediation and Managerial Excellence?

Healthy Conflict Education and Coaching can benefit Professional Coaches and also third party neutral Professional Mediators who want to expand their repertoire of skills and professional services.

  • Increase confidence and ease in guiding clients or mediation parties to distinguish between beneficial idea generating conflict and harmful emotional conflict.
  • Value added expertise for attracting clients looking for a professional coach or a third party neutral mediator to deal with stressful personal and workplace conflict.
  • Understand conflict dynamics to empower your coaching clients or third party neutral mediation parties to model healthy beneficial conflict behaviors that could support achievement of their respective goals.
  • Have access to a safe learning environment for individual or Healthy Conflict group coaching opportunities to engage in robust dialogue and establish a professional support network to share ideas.

Purchase Personal 1:1 Performance/Transformative Coaching

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