Millennial Leaders! Improv Experiments:
Making Real Connections in a Virtual World

Millennial Leaders! Improv Experiments:
Making Real Connections in a Virtual World

Discover Secrets to Making Real Connections Across Generations

Discover the secrets to making real connections in a small safe Zoom group setting where we will have some fun improv games to practice cooling, calming and communicating.

Begin preparing yourself in advance for the next time you are triggered or in an uncomfortable conflict, not only will you be bothered less, you will be able to quickly, easily and effectively transform the conflict into collaboration.

This is your special 30 minute time to relax, connect and grow each week with new inspiration, tips and progress tracking included in each session.

The next step is up to you! Limited to 10 participants Register now to reserve your place at the table!

Think Cool Conflict Programs:

The Think C.O.O.L. Leadership Team Coaching For Success Series:

Pillar 1: Curiosity

Sessions 1 & 2: Self-Awareness & Cooling Hot Buttons Game Plan

Pillar 2: Open Mind

Session 3 & 4: Leaders Who Coach; Trust Builders & Listening

Pillar 3: Opportunities

Sessions 5 & 6: Giving & Receiving FeedBack and FeedForward

Pillar 4: Learning Something New

Sessions 7 & 8: Team Problem Solving & Communication Processes

Think Cool Conflict Programs:

Think C.O.O.L. Programs: Do a deep dive into each of the 4 Pillars of Think C.O.O.L. Leadership Series so you can skillfully handle any type of conflict and provide useful coaching strategies which your teams want to help you get intended results. Ideal for established team leaders, such as members of the C Suite, vice presidents, department heads, and managers – as well as emerging leaders.

You’ll start by completing a 20-minute online confidential Conflict Dynamic Profile (CDP) self-assessment to explore what you think your responses are to a variety of conflict situations. Gain valuable insight into your hot button triggers and automatic responses.

Then embark on a 4-month exploration into experiences and skills to Think C.O.O.L. under pressure and provide the kind of leadership that keeps your teams performing beyond expectations. Convenient flexible modules allow you to optimize new practices and habits for instant impact in the workplace to achieve individual and team goals. Sessions may be delivered in person or in small-group sessions on Zoom, depending on where you’re located and which approach will optimize the learning experience for your team.

Participate in private individual or small-group coaching throughout the 4-month program to gain targeted guidance as you practice these strategies and tools. You’ll expand practical skills that increase self-awareness of hot button triggers and deliberate cooling strategies to calm them, so you can choose the most effective actions to achieve the result you want.

You’ll discover:

  • What hot buttons are and how your hottest hot buttons are triggered
  • The impact on yourself and others when hot buttons get triggered and automatic destructive behaviors kick in
  • How curiosity can help cool down and successfully interrupt an “amygdala hijack
  • How to create a map to size up any conflict situation, mindsets and expand possible options for best outcomes
  • Simple key secrets to giving and receiving meaningful Feedback and FeedForward for continuous personal, team and company growth.
  • How courageous listening gives leaders important information to expand his/her scope of influence to motivate accountability and growth
  • The 3 elements of a powerful problem-solving matrix that engages a variety of perspectives to understand the objective problem and options for solutions that fit the problem.
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Instant Impact:  Think C.O.O.L. Lunch & Learn Series

Think Cool Conflict Programs

Bring your entire team together each month for practical skill building that reduces conflict within your organization … while allowing them to develop a greater understanding of themselves.

Each month, Marcia Haber will lead a fast-paced 90-minute session to stimulate new approaches to thinking and problem solving through communication exercises in a fun, safe learning environment

Explore interesting topics and participate in role plays, exercises and games to strengthen relationships, expand self awareness and creativity.

4 different training schedules offered … one to fit any budget and level of commitment.

Think Cool Conflict Programs

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Quick-Start Trust Building: Lay the Foundation for Stronger Relationships and Growth-Centered Leadership

Quick-Start Trust Building

Learning how to build trust easily and reliably with anyone you meet can give you – and your company – a competitive edge. Trust is one of the most essential building blocks of strong, lasting relationships – with your team, with your customers and clients, with your vendors, and with anyone else who comes in contact with your company and brand.

When trust is low within an organization, you’ll notice the effects. People don’t work well together. Cooperation and loyalty to the company evaporate. The pace of business slows, and the effects ripple outward to customers.

When you continuously strengthen trust within your team and company, the opposite happens.

  • Your team is more willing to follow your leadership and work together to do what’s best for the company.
  • When your salespeople are trusted, customers require less persuasion and the sales cycle shortens.
  • When your company is trusted in the marketplace, you become the go-to provider of choice for your products and/or services.
  • When you establish trust consistently, customers and clients refer business to you, buy more often (and more) themselves, and are more willing to forgive mistakes when you mess up.

With Think Cool Conflict’s Quick-Start Trust Building workshop, you and your team can master the basic skills to almost immediately improve your ability to build trust.

In just 2 hours, you’ll:

  • Discover the 2 key secrets for expanding trust and positive accountability
  • Expand your self-awareness of your current approach and ability to building trust
  • Learn simple, time-proven strategies that you can put to work immediately to establish and expand trust
  • Develop a 6-step action plan to put your new insights into practice
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Today Is Your Day! Healthy Conflict Coaching

Conflict abounds in life. When you’re facing a particularly tough situation, want to jumpstart your conflict resolution skills, or need a tune-up, this private coaching with Marcia Haber fits the bill.

During your 60-minute individual coaching session, you’ll begin to sort out and discover a possible new direction to expand self-awareness and apply steps to overcome persistent challenges and looming obstacles … so you can achieve your most wanted C.O.O.L. business and personal results.

Sessions may be delivered via Zoom or in person, depending on your location. (If you choose Zoom, Marcia can record the session for you, so you can rewatch again and again, diving deeper into your personal development and discovering your next plan of action.)

Want to accelerate your growth while saving some money? Ask about our Strengthen & Mastery Package – a power pack of 8 private coaching sessions.

Think Cool Conflict Programs

One Hour
8 Hour Package

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All Think Cool Conflict programs are specifically designed and intended for educational purposes only.

Think Cool Conflict programs are not a substitute for legal, financial, mental health or other professional assistance. It is highly recommended that you consult with the approriate professional as you deem necessary as an essential part of your informed decision making process.