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Conflict adopts many disguises within organizations … from miscommunication and disagreements to employee disengagement and rampant turnover.

The Cost of Conflict Calculator identifies approximately how much these performance issues are costing your business.

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  • Quickly generate a custom report that pinpoints the estimated real cost – in hard dollars – of your problem employees.

  • Discover the potential impact on your bottom line every time an employee quits, shows up late, leaves early … or doesn’t show up at all.

  • Uncover approximately how much money you’re leaving on the table due to lost sales and decreased productivity.

  • Identify where you can strengthen your leadership skills to avoid the cascading consequences of harmful and unresolved conflict on your company’s success.

  • Prioritize financial-, time- and relationship-saving solutions to ensure the best outcomes – and biggest potential ROI.

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Think Cool Conflict Cost Calculator

The question is not IF unhealthy conflict is costing your company money—it’s HOW MUCH it’s costing you.

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