“I have worked for Marcia in providing a mediation training, and Marcia has worked for me in developing workplace trainings dealing with high conflict situations and personalities. She has been a joy to work with: very encouraging, hard working and constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to help me get my message across. She is well-organized and liked by all who she deals with. I would recommend her as a conflict coach, consultant and as a trainer.”

Bill E., LCSW, Attorney
High Conflict Institute
Award Winning Author, “It’s All Your Fault At Work”, “New Ways For Work”

“Marcia administered the Conflict Dynamics Profile Instrument to my wife and me, then coached us individually according to our assessments. Her approach, use of the tools, and mentorship provided us with insights in a succinct and practical manner. She ties healthy responses to individual conflict styles that result in better communication and growth between people and teams. Marcia and her work have been indispensable to shaping the throughputs of my start-up non-profit aimed at serving families of veterans in crisis.”

Noel LipanaNoel Lipana
U.S. Airforce and Army Veteran,
PhD Student USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Families

“The first words I think of to describe Marcia are creative, helpful, and collaborative. I had the opportunity to partner with Marcia on an initiative to build the effectiveness of a large team of mid-level managers. As an internal consultant, I was able to bring my knowledge of the business and the culture and Marcia was able to bring an external perspective, new tools and creative energy to the project. Marcia helped to clarify the team’s needs and to develop and implement solutions to help the team improve communications and their ability to manage conflict and stress. Marcia’s personable style helped to create an engaging learning environment for the team. Marcia is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to future opportunities.”

rebecca-olejarRebecca Olejar, MA, PCC
Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at The Aerospace Corporation

“Marcia is a wonderful coach who is consistently supporting and encouraging throughout our sessions. Marcia has helped bring to the surface ideas and concepts that I was not able to access on my own. Working with her has allowed me to create concrete steps and plans to better achieve my goals. With her as my coach I feel like I can accomplish anything. ”

katherineKristyn L.
Human Resources and KML Coaching Services

“I met Marcia when she came to my “speed mentoring” event at ATD-LA. As a special thank you for putting on the event, Marcia was so kind to provide me a free consultation on my conflict management skills using the Conflicts Dynamics Profile (CDP). Through her coaching and expertise, Marcia helped me learn more about my conflict management style and practical tips for handling my “hot button” areas. Not only was the gift of consultation so unexpected, but it was tremendously valuable in helping me learn more about how I can communicate and work effectively with others. Marcia is a great coach and consultant – extremely patient, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. I am so glad to have made a connection with her in our organization.”

steve-aSteve A., M.Ed
Steve Antonie Coaching
Association for Talent Development (ATD), Los Angeles Chapter

“Being coached by Marcia is an experience you won’t want to miss. She takes you, should you be willing to leap fearlessly into your deepest fears and highest hopes, to places within where you will find the answers that reveal themselves, layer by layer, structure by structure, until you get to the core of what releases you to exactly to where you wish to be. Her empathy, compassion and generosity creates a space where you will always come away feeling truly supported and cherished.”
 Lu Yen, Malaysia