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  • A 4-step checklist to help you plan and prepare for your negotiation (Most people skip these steps – and their decision to ‘wing it’ shows!)

  • A sense of confidence to try new approaches that expand your opportunities to ask for and get more of what you want … even with everyday negotiations in your personal life. (Planning builds confidence to claim more value for yourself and create meaningful value for your counterpart.)

  • The practice of reflective thinking after each of the 4 C.O.O.L. steps to experience slowing down, relaxing and opening your mind to useful insights. (It may sound simple but it’s not always easy to slow down, calm and assess what is really happening before responding.)

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Does the idea of having to negotiate fill you with dread?
Does it give you a sinking feeling that you’re doomed before you start?
Do you worry about coming across as manipulative or demanding?

All are common fears – and beliefs that are limiting your success with negotiating.
The truth is … we’re all negotiating, all the time.

Cynthia Grande, The Grande Law Firm

Negotiating isn’t only about striking a deal. It’s about asking for what we want from life … and finding ways to collaborate, cooperate and communicate with others to ensure that they’re getting what they want, too.

Successful people know how to negotiate.

So if you want more from life – professionally or personally – negotiating is a top skill to improve.

How to Confidently Ask for – and Get – More of What You Want from Any Negotiation or Situation walks you through a powerful 4-step process to ensure that you’re properly prepared to make your request.

It also reveals powerful, proven secrets to decode the emotions that run rampant in negotiations so that you can choose your emotional response to increase your influence and impact.

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About the Author … Negotiating, Communication, and Insightful Decision-Making Expert Marcia Haber

Marcia Haber is the Founder of and Chief Peace Maker at Think Cool Conflict. The purpose of Think Cool Conflict is for people to experience the freedom to express, connect and prosper through value centered communication!

Over the past 25 years, Marcia has guided hundreds of individual clients, teams and small businesses to increase their negotiation, creative problem solving and decision-making success by reducing emotional barriers.

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