We believe that the millennial generation can use their natural open mindedness and creativity to influence every aspect of life. We are dedicated to preparing the next generation to be the best leaders.

What we do is teach adaptive thinking, communicating and collaborating skills to experience being:

  • heard and respected in the workplace
  • rewarded and compensated
  • influential across generations to make the changes our world needs

Millennial Leaders! Improv Experiments:
Making Real Connections in a Virtual World

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What Triggers Intense Emotions and Reactions?

What do other people say or do that trigger an intense emotion in you? Most people have a vague idea, yet have not taken a clear look at their own hot buttons and the resulting reactions.

Do You Want More Self-Awareness, Focus and Communication?

If you want to expand your self-awareness, increase focus and communication to make real connections with others in a fun learning environment, then register free of charge now  in 1 or more of the upcoming 30 minute sessions of Millennial Leaders! Improv Experiments: Making Real Connections in a Virtual World ” . 


Discover Secrets to Making Real Connections Across Generations

Discover the secrets to making real connections in a small safe Zoom group setting where we will have some fun improv games to practice cooling, calming and communicating.

Begin preparing yourself in advance for the next time you are triggered or in an uncomfortable conflict, not only will you be bothered less, you will be able to quickly, easily and effectively transform the conflict into collaboration.

This is your special 30 minute time to relax, connect and grow each week with new inspiration, tips and progress tracking included in each session.

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Mitch Glaser, bonus guest speaker May 21 Improv Experiments

Mitch kicked off his career on Wall Street after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State in 2013. He spent the next 6 years in San Francisco working for Deutsche Bank and then subsequently, Goldman Sachs, as an Investment Banker working on mergers & acquisitions, capital raises and other strategic advisory projects.

Looking for a change of pace, he left Investment Banking to briefly work in private equity at Fertitta Capital, a family office owned by the Fertitta family (family who owns Red Rock Resorts and who started the UFC) where he helped manage $500m of the family’s fortune by looking to invest in consumer and media companies.

Mitch has now launched his own venture, Fredi, which is a female-focused productivity brand that provides tools and resources that help women bring their A-game to work and life. Fredi’s first product is an all-natural supplement in the rapidly emerging nootropic space that, when taken daily, promotes focus, memory, energy, mental clarity and stress reduction.

In his free time, Mitch likes golfing, snowboarding and hanging out at the beach with friends.

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