Want to Become a More Powerful, Influential and Effective Leader?

The most essential skill to master is the ability to engage individuals from different generations in healthy conflict conversations with courage, commitment and trust.

Conflict is inevitable within organizations. We all have unique experiences and perspectives on life that color how we interpret situations – and dictate our subconscious, automatic reactions to situations that trigger us.

Want to become a more powerful, influential and effective leader? Our brains’ knee-jerk emotional reactions are the main contributors to conflicts that impact employee performance – and therefore, business performance.

Cost of Conflict Think Cool Conflict

Think C.O.O.L. Leadership Framework

Project Management Skills

The Think C.O.O.L. Leadership Framework equips you with an easy-to-use proven process for effective coaching and conflict resolution to:

  • Understand what hot-button triggers you have … and how you react when triggered
  • Identify what sets off other people … and their resulting reactions
  • Know the 3 ways your brain is hard-wired to respond when it gets triggered – and how to regain control
  • Engage in courageous listening, which creates a safe space where others feel heard
  • Give yourself quiet reflection time … where creativity can flourish, connections can be made, and solutions can be discovered

By learning to “think cool” and override your brain’s automatic reactions, you can deliberately choose the responses that resolve conflict – and produce the workplace culture results you want, such as:

  • Engaging a multi-generational diversity of leaders and teams to solve problems together
  • Facilitating staff meetings with productive outcomes
  • Enhancing workplace culture with giving and receiving helpful feedback/feedforward
  • Motivating employees to show up to work on time and deliver best efforts
  • Strengthening listening to build trust and accountability
  • Developing confidence to communicate honestly and strengthen relationships
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