Think Cool Conflict Collaborative Projects. What’s This?

Think Cool Conflict promotes innovative thinking and idea exchanges to strengthen relationships, families and communities everywhere.

Collaborative Projects focus on personal and professional growth through unique offerings of effective and fun learning experiences that inspire self-awareness, discovery and actions to fulfill what makes your heart sing. When everyone’s heart is singing, peace is possible.

“I have worked for Marcia in providing a mediation training, and Marcia has worked for me in developing workplace trainings dealing with high conflict situations and personalities. She has been a joy to work with: very encouraging, hard working and constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to help me get my message across. She is well-organized and liked by all who she deals with. I would recommend her as a conflict coach, consultant and as a trainer.”

Bill E., LCSW, Attorney
High Conflict Institute
Award Winning Author, “It’s All Your Fault At Work”, “New Ways For Work”