What would you do if you discovered that your life’s purpose was expressed by the Brene Brown quote, “We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”?

Would you dismiss it and continue with your current path in an already successful career? Or would you dedicate yourself to building powerful teams that:

  • Help others grow and understand their unconscious contribution to harmful conflict
  • Courageously listen to those who feel unheard
  • Create a space for creativity and connection to innovate solutions
  • And, ultimately, establish thriving workplace cultures?

Hi, we’re Marcia and Jerry Haber, the co-founders of Think Cool Conflict — and that was precisely the question we faced in 2010. After four decades of marriage, raising a millennial son and grappling with the everyday demands of life, we still adored one another. Ready for a new adventure, we decided it was finally time to pursue our compelling shared dream of encouraging healthy relationships with honest and respectful communication, especially in the workplace.

And so Think Cool Conflict was born. We’re passionate about instilling in multigenerational workplaces our belief that “Courageous listening connects and inspires greatness.”

Our Background

Although we pursued different careers before founding Think Cool Conflict, our lives and professional successes are a testament to the power of courageous listening.

Marcia is a successful lawyer who has always craved justice. In 1993, she discovered the power of mediation, or what she calls “facilitated negotiations.” It allowed her to give people safe spaces to share their concerns, and as a result, she watched hurt people begin to open up, respect one another’s feelings and agree to solutions. She found a new kind of justice—and knew she had found her calling. Jerry couldn’t have agreed more.

Jerry Haber Think Cool Conflict
An internationally recognized, award-winning rocket scientist who has been making it safer to launch into space since 1968, Jerry experienced daily the importance of being able to deeply listen to people with whom he disagreed … and to create space for others to freely share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. He credits courageous listening for his ability to create cohesive teams that consistently delivered their very best work in a field where mistakes could be fatal.
In 1994, Marcia began coordinating and teaching a variety of mediation, communication and negotiation programs in organizations such as Quantas Airways, the former Centinela Valley Juvenile Diversion Project, La Sierra University School of Business Mediation Center and the Southern California Regional Occupational Center.

Founding Think Cool Conflict

We incorporated and co-founded Think Cool Conflict in 2010. We set out on a challenging quest to mitigate harmful communication in the workplace, which often results in getting stuck with only three options: fight/aggression, flight/run away, or freeze/no action.

At Think Cool Conflict, we believe that there are many options for effective communication, including courageous listening and speaking, empathy, and having an open mind to consider new viewpoints.

We quickly realized people DO want to get along… enjoy going to work… and contribute to a vision bigger than their own. But something is often standing in their way.

By teaching practical skills that expand not only emotional intelligence but also important management skills to become comfortable with diverse viewpoints, we are a catalyst for organizational growth.

Every day, we contribute to the success and growth of organizations and equip them with effective methods that develop and motivate their direct reports.

We provide HR professionals and their leadership teams with interactive learning exercises, helpful brain hacks, games to engage new thinking and self-awareness coaching that creates breakthroughs in the workplace and beyond.

Think Cool Conflict partners with you to repair your organization’s culture, alleviate tension, and create an uplifting atmosphere with engaged employees — the kind who are committed to growing personally and as a team, and investing in the success of the company as a whole.”

These core values drive everything we do in service to you.

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