How Is Conflict Showing Up in Your Organization?

Resolving conflict - Think Cool Conflict: How Is Conflict Showing Up in Your Organization?

Resolving conflict: Whenever two or more people engage, conflict is inevitable. But how conflict shows up in your organization can vary – and may surprise you.​

  • Are your employees disengaged, lacking enthusiasm for their roles and complaining on a daily basis?
  • Is your HR team experiencing difficulties connecting with and easing tensions between multigenerational employees?

  • Are you spending too much money — and wasting too much time — replacing unhappy employees who either quit or are fired?

  • Is there an overwhelming lack of accountability throughout your company despite having the “right” people in place?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Be Free to Express, Connect & Prosper!

Mitch Glaser, Co-Founder, Fredi LLC

Discover How We Can Help

Think Cool Conflict’s pioneering C.O.O.L. Leader Conflict Innovations Framework delivers a proven process and easy-to-use tools that create trusting workplace cultures, increase employee retention, improve performance, and drive consistent growth.

When everyone learns how to engage in peaceful and daring conversations regardless of circumstances, EVERYONE WINS.

Think Cool Conflict’s pioneering C.O.O.L. Leader Conflict Innovations Framework

“…Through her coaching and expertise, Marcia helped me learn more about my conflict management style and practical tips for handling my “hot button” areas. Not only was the gift of consultation so unexpected, but it was tremendously valuable in helping me learn more about how I can communicate and work effectively with others. Marcia is a great coach and consultant – extremely patient, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. I am so glad to have made a connection with her in our organization.”

Steve A., M.Ed | Steve Antonie Coaching | Association for Talent Development (ATD), Los Angeles Chapter

Resolving conflict - Think Cool Conflict: Who We Serve

Who We Serve

  • HR Directors, Employee Relations Professionals and Managers responsible for stopping the excessive absenteeism and high attrition rates. Discover how to cultivate a workplace culture that fosters employee trust and loyalty.

  • Business owners tired of watching their profits dwindle away due to accumulating employee costs and decreased output. Explore how courageous listening saves time and money.

  • Passionate leaders who want to tap into their multi-generational team’s full potential so they can enhance performance. Identify your employees’ hot buttons and trigger points.

Once your team learns how to think cool in conflict, you’ll wonder how you ever operated without these skills.

“Marcia administered the Conflict Dynamics Profile Instrument to my wife and me, then coached us individually according to our assessments. Her approach, use of the tools, and mentorship provided us with insights in a succinct and practical manner. She ties healthy responses to individual conflict styles that result in better communication and growth between people and teams. Marcia and her work have been indispensable to shaping the throughputs of my start-up non-profit aimed at serving families of veterans in crisis.”

Dr. Noel Lipana | U.S. Air Force and Army Veteran, USC Doctorate, Social Work; USC Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Families

Be Free to Express, Connect & Prosper!

When conflict happens, success depends on how you deal with it. Learning the skills to Think Cool in the heat of challenging circumstances will expand trust and your abilities to influence others.

Are you ready for the powerful outomes that come from a trusting and engaged workforce?

Resolving Conflict

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